Keswick Kids Dental Clinic – Where Kids Have Fun!

Our Keswick Kids Dental clinic is not like any other Keswick dental clinic; something your children will quickly realize as soon as you pull into our parking lot. Your kids will actually want to visit our children’s dentist!

From our free kids arcade to complimentary ice cream freezer, crazy prize room, and no charge spa services for parents, Keswick Kids Dental clinic is a children’s dental clinic like no other. Oh…and yes, we do offer dental services for kids and adults!

For Parents

Our Keswick dental centre offers family dentistry services at affordable prices (dental financing available also). Learn more about our direct insurance billing, interest free payment plans, and the highest level of dental care at an out-of-pocket cost that can be as low as zero dollars.

For Children

Our Keswick Kids Dental clinic offers a safe, fun, environment. We are a happy place where kids discover dental happy visits that they will fondly talk about whenever the subject of visiting a dentist comes up!

Kids & Parents Love Our Office!

  • Funfilled Kids Arcade Zone
  • Free Prize Room
  • Complimentary Ice Cream Freezer
  • No Charge Spa Services for Parents
  • Ceiling Mounted TVs
  • Specialized Equipment
  • Dedicated Surgical Suite with Recovery Room

Our Keswick Kids Dental Clinic Team

Thumbs Up - Dr. Noah with a child patient.
Dr. Noah and staff in front of Keswick Kids Dental Clinic

Dr. Noah Turk, Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Noah was born and raised in Toronto where he completed his undergraduate studies at York University, receiving a dual degree in Biology and Geography. Dr. Noah migrated south to complete his dental degree at Nova Southeastern University in Florida. Upon graduating, he was presented with several awards including the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Award. He stayed on in Florida where he completed a two-year residency in pediatric dentistry at Nova and the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, where he served as a chief resident.

During his pediatric education, Dr. Noah received comprehensive training in behavioural guidance techniques, which included completing kids dental treatments under oral conscious sedation and general anesthesia.

Dr. Noah spent extensive time working with children on the Autism Spectrum and developed a deep understanding for utilizing Applied Behavioral Analysis in his every patient interaction. His translational research in this field led to a thesis, which identified key characteristics associated with successful dental treatment in children with ASD. Dr. Noah subsequently earned a Master of Science Degree.

Upon graduating, Dr. Noah returned home to the Toronto area to raise his family and bring his interest and skills in treating children back to the city he loves. Since returning, he has worked in different dental clinics throughout Southern Ontario, fine tuning even further his years of dental training.

When Dr. Noah is not in his Keswick Kids Dental clinic, he can be found spending family time with his wife Shira and their 4 children. Their love for the outdoors lends itself to many activities and they can often be found exploring the seasonal wonders of nature.

His understanding as a father extends to his patients and he believes that every child deserves an emotionally and psychologically safe environment for dental care. Dr. Noah takes great joy in watching the transformation of children in his office from nervous toddlers to exceptional healthy, cooperative, and interested dental patients.

Dr. Noah maintains the philosophy that a children’s dental clinic should not be a scary place and so has created an environment that is both professional and relaxed. Our Keswick Kids Dental clinic offers dentistry for kids and adults and we look forward to welcoming you to a very safe and enjoyable family dental home.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Michelle Thompson

Keswick Kids Dental Clinic Office Manager

A lifelong Keswick resident and mom,  Michelle brings a wealth of experience and an amazing can-do attitude to our young dental patients.


Dental Hygienist

A passionate advocate for children’s oral health, Ashlyn loves Keswick and is excited to see patients new and old in our brand new Keswick Kids Dental clinic.

Keswick Kids Dental Clinic FAQs

When should I start cleaning my baby's mouth?

Cleaning your newborn’s mouth and gums should be something you do on a daily basis. At least once a day, use your finger, or a warm damp gauze (or washcloth) to gently clean and massage the gums following the last feeding. Use only warm water – do not use toothpaste. Once they start teething, it’s important to clean their mouth regularly.

What age should a child go to the dentist?

Your child will most likely start teething by the time they are 6 months old. According to the Canadian Dental Association, you should take your child to their first dentist appointment before their first birthday or within 6 months after their first tooth. It’s best to have your child’s teeth assessed before there is a problem.

When should a toddler start brushing teeth?

Teething usually begins at about 6 months. A child’s mouth and gums need to be cleaned daily using a soft damp washcloth or gauze. At 18 months old, you can introduce a very soft toothbrush with a very small amount of baby toothpaste.

How often should you brush your 2 year old's teeth?

For 2-year old children, brushing for 2 minutes at least 2 times a day is highly recommended, including brushing in the morning and before bedtime.

What happens at a toddler's first dentist appointment?

The health of your child’s teeth and gums will be assessed during their first dental visit. The children’s dentist will examine your child’s teeth, gums, jaw, and the soft tissues of the mouth, and also clean the teeth to remove any tartar, plaque or staining. The dentist will also help educate the parent on how to brush, how to prevent cavities, and proper oral care for children.

Is milk bad for teeth at night?

Milk is rich in Calcium, which helps to strengthen teeth and bones. However, we do not recommend giving your child a bottle at bedtime with milk, juice, or any other sweetened liquids, which can cause damage to developing teeth.

Keswick Kids Dental Clinic Careers

Be a part of Keswick’s first pediatric dental office, where we offer dentistry for kids and adults! Experienced dental assistants, office administrators, treatment co-ordinators, dental hygienists, and dentists are invited to apply today!

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