Children’s Sports Mouth Guard
Protect Your Child’s Smile!

Many dental injuries in children are preventable simply by wearing a custom children’s sports mouth guard.

Did you know that as many as 39% of all dental injuries in children are sports-related? Children are most prone to sports-related oral injuries between the ages of 7 and 11.

It is extremely important to protect your child’s smile by encouraging them to wear a custom sports mouth guard. If your child is involved in sports, a children’s sports mouth guard can be just as critical wearing a helmet or other protective gear.

Sports mouth guards are not just for full contact sports that your children may participate in such as football or hockey. Canadian Dental Association (CDA) recommendations – everyone who takes part in sports that put them at risk of injury to the mouth are encouraged to wear a mouth guard during their game.

This includes sports like gymnastics, mountain biking, skateboarding, trampoline, and more.

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Benefits of A Children’s Sports Mouth Guard

A kid’s mouth guard is an essential piece of protective equipment, just like a helmet. When worn starting at a young age, the children’s sports mouth guard becomes part of a normal routine in getting ready for practice, a game, or big competition.

A kid’s mouth guard acts to:

  • Cushion any blows to the face.
  • Protect the lips, tongue, and soft tissues of the mouth.
  • Prevent chipped or broken teeth.
  • Defend against nerve damage and even loss of a tooth/teeth.
  • Decrease concussion severity by absorbing shock and redistributing forces.
  • Prevent damage to braces.

Furthermore, a custom sports mouth guard is a very affordable preventative measure. This is especially true when compared to expensive dental injury repairs that can occur when not wearing a mouth guard.

Can My Child Wear a Mouth Guard with Braces?

Yes – it is particularly important to wear a custom children’s sports mouth guard with braces to prevent any damage to orthodontic brackets. Your kid’s mouth guard will also act as a barrier between braces and the cheeks or lips. This helps to reduce the pain of a hit to the mouth and lowers the risk of gum injury. When your child gets braces, our pediatric dentist can ensure that their mouth guard is properly fitted for maximum protection of their mouth, teeth, and braces. If your child has previously just worn an upper mouth guard, our dentist may recommend also getting one for their lower teeth.

Why Is a Custom Sports Mouth Guard Better?

It may be tempting to order a kid’s mouth guard online or buy one are your local pharmacy or big box store. However, it’s important to stop and think twice about this decision. Yes, these devices are better than your child wearing nothing at all. They do not, however, offer the level of protection your child’s teeth and mouth deserve.

When our Keswick dentist makes a custom children’s sports mouth guard it is an exact replica of the inside of your child’s mouth. This means that it stays in place without your child having to clench their teeth. It fits the exact shape and size of your child’s mouth and jaw. Over-the-counter mouth guards require you to clench your jaw and clamp your teeth in order for the guard to stay in place.

A dentist made mouth guard will also be the most comfortable option for your child (which means the most likely to be worn). This is because it is made to fit with precision. The custom fit also means it will not inhibit your child’s breathing or affect their speech. A custom sports mouth guard for your child or youth will also be more resistant to tears and breakage, and they are easy to clean.

We offer a variety of fun colors and designs for your child to choose from. This will allow your child to pick something they are most likely to wear. It will also make it stand out from other kid’s mouth guards worn by their teammates.

As well, a custom children’s sports mouth guard may be covered under your dental insurance policy, making it even more affordable than you first thought.

What to Expect When Getting a Custom Mouth Guard Made

In just two visits your child can be wearing their custom-made mouth guard! Each appointment is quick (less than 20 minutes) and painless.

At the first appointment, our pediatric dentist will take an impression of your child’s teeth and mouth, which is then used to create the custom sports mouth guard. The impression ensures a perfect fit.

At the second appointment, our pediatric dentists will present the mouth guard and check how it fits in your child’s mouth. During this time our staff with also help you and your child (or teenager) understand how to properly clean and store their mouth guard.

When your child or teenager comes in for regular dental services and cleanings, it is requested that they bring their mouth guard so that we can continue to monitor it for proper fit. This is especially important for young growing children.

Mouth Guards
Not Just Protection for Sports!

In some cases, a dentist may recommend your child get a custom made mouth guard for sleeping to prevent them from grinding their teeth. If your child is young and still has baby teeth, protection from grinding is important. We need to ensure the baby teeth stay in place until they are ready to fall out and adult teeth are ready to come in.

If your child or youth has adult teeth, it is even more important to protect these permanent teeth that need to stay in place and healthy for the rest of their life.

Visit this Ontario Dental Association article on What You Need to know About Mouth Guards.

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Sports Mouth Guard FAQ

How do mouth guards work in sports?

Sports mouth guards are worn over the top teeth and protect your teeth by providing a cushion against impact trauma to the face and jaw during sports, helping to prevent teeth from being broken or knocked out.

How many sports use mouth guards?

The Canadian Dental Association recommends wearing a custom sports mouth guard for most all contact sports including football, lacrosse, hockey, soccer, and martial arts, to name just a few.

What happens if you don't wear a mouth guard?

Fractured and knocked out teeth due to direct impact are the most common injuries associated with not wearing a custom sports mouth guard. Injuries to the soft tissues of the face plus jaw fractures and/or displacement are also at risk.

What brand of sports mouth guards are best?

While it is possible to purchase over-the-counter brand name sports mouth guards, they are not as effective against facial trauma as wearing a custom-made sports mouth guard that is designed to fit your teeth perfectly.

Can I sleep with a sports mouth guard?

A sports mouth guard is specifically designed to provide protection during sports and should not be worn while sleeping. See your dentist if you require a custom-made night guard to help prevent teeth grinding or TMJ.

How much is a sports mouth guard from a dentist?

Retail over-the-counter sports mouth guards may cost less but they are generic and do not fit as well or offer the same level of protection as a custom-made sports mouth guard from your dentist.

How long do sports mouth guards last?

Over time, sports mouth guards will show signs of wear and be less effective. Plus, your child’s facial structure will change as they continue to grow. That is why most dentists recommend that custom sports mouth guards be replaced at least every 6 months.

Do sports mouth guards go on top or bottom?

The bottom teeth are usually set a little further back, so sports mouth guards are generally worn on the top teeth only, since they can provide adequate protection for both the upper and lower teeth.

Do sports mouth guards prevent concussion?

While they won’t prevent a concussion, sports mouth guards are designed to lessen the effects of impact trauma to the teeth and jaw, which in turn, helps to minimize the risk of a concussion.

How do you clean a sports mouth guard?

Besides cleaning a sports mouth guard after every use with a toothbrush and toothpaste, dentists recommend using mild soap and water and ensuring that the mouth guard is completely dry before storing it in its breathable storage case.

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